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OG Fried Chicken Sandwich

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Once upon a time when chicken sandwiches were not cool, and all you could do was swipe right for a sad Zinger or a very short extra long sandwich from BK, Fowlbread's chicken sandwich was born.

Everybody with taste and P300 in their pockets to spend on a chicken sandwich unanimously agrees this is the best chicken sandwich in the country. If you will argue otherwise, we respectfully invite you to a fight-to-the-death in Ace Hardware. 

🐤 Crispy chicken skin cracker (so hard to make!)
🐔 Large, crispy chicken breast
🥒 House-made pickles sliced in the most pleasant way
🏆 This is our most popular item in Fowlbread

🍟🍹 Tip: most of our customers order our sandwiches with fries & iced tea.

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