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Flowerboy Porkchop Rice Plate


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We initially wanted Flowerboy to be a porkchop restaurant, and this was the flagship product. Breaded with prawn crackers and our proprietary seasonings, our porkchop surprises and impresses all our customers. Served with our house papaya salad and our pulled pork mongo.

👩‍🍳 This dish isn't a traditional Thai dish. It's something we made ourselves.

🌶️ Served with either our green chili or pineapple sweet chili sauce.

🍹Most of our customers have this with our Thai Iced Tea

🥜 Allergen information: May contain traces of peanuts, shrimp, and shellfish from interactions with other food.

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🛵 Can be ordered together with Beefier products for a single delivery fee since both come from one location.

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