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Di Pho Beef Noodle Soup

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"Pho ba yan?"

"Di pho."

Inspired by pho, we fashioned an intense beef broth with the heart of ramen. Unlike traditional pho, we went rich, dirty, and brimming with umami. The flavors refuse to crawl—they leap forward as soon as the steam rises from the broth. 

We also went sideways with the toppings, choosing brisket, oxtail, and tendon for a lively play of textures and taste.

🍲 Utilizes a master broth that we carry over daily. We simmer brisket, oxtail, and tendon for hours for an intense beef flavor.

🤗 Fragrant with aromatics: star anise, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, and basil.

🍜 Topped with pork balls, brisket, fatty beef slices, tendons, fried onions, basil, and beansprouts for a complete meal.

💪 Soup is delivered in a leak-proof pouch, easy to pour. 

💡 How to Reheat

  • Method 1: Pour the soup into a bowl and microwave in two 30-sec intervals until warm.
  • Method 2: Place the pouch in a pot of simmering hot water for 3 mins.

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🛵 Can be ordered together with Beefier products for a single delivery fee since both come from one location.