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Get lower delivery fees this 2021—only P99 for orders above P1,000! Click to see new rates!
Get lower delivery fees this 2021—only P99 for orders above P1,000! Click to see new rates!

Get Exclusive Rewards with Lowbrow Coins.

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What can I get with Lowbrow Coins?

Discount codes, VIP Passes, Lowbrow Merch, and more.

Lowbrow Neon Tote
15,000 Coins
Lowbrow P500 GC
11,000 Coins
Fowlbread Shirt
15,000 Coins
Dancing Birbs Shirt
13,000 Coins
Pritong Manoque Shirt
14,000 Coins
Laffing Birb Shirt
13,000 Coins
Lowbrow Shirt
13,000 Coins
Tiny Birb Cap
12,000 Coins
Laffing Birb Tote
13,000 Coins
Moodcard Set
3,500 coins
Jade Green Plate
9,000 Coins
Bone White Round Plate
9,000 Coins
Bone White Oval Plate
9,000 Coins
Bone White Long Plate
9,000 Coins
Midnight Black Plate
8,000 Coins
Jade Banchan Plate
6,000 Coins
VIP Pass: Proud Donkey
9,000 Coins
VIP Pass: Stallion
19,000 Coins
VIP Pass: Unicorn
34,000 Coins
VIP Pass: Pegasus
56,000 Coins
Fried Chicken Plate
5,200 Coins
Signature Tantanmen
5,500 Coins
BBX Chicken Sandwich
4,500 Coins
BBX Crispers (Regular)
5,200 Coins
Chicken Pad Thai
5,500 Coins
Jumbo Crab Omelette
8,000 Coins
5,000 Coins
O.G. FC Sandwich Meal
5,500 Coins
Garlic Noodles
5,500 Coins
30% off Coupon
6,800 Coins
20% off Coupon
4,800 Coins
10% off Coupon
2,800 Coins

Other Ways To Get Coins

Coins will automatically be added to your account once you complete the action in the Coins Menu.
Send us a message w/ proof once you complete the action so we can manually send you Coins.

1,000 Coins

Create an account.

Get free 1,000 Lowbrow Coins immediately when you sign up.

2,000 Coins

Refer a friend.

Get a referral URL in the Coins Menu and send them to a friend. Get Coins once your friend makes a purchase.

300 Coins

Like us on Facebook.

Like our Facebook page through the Coins Menu. Make sure you're logged in to your Coins account first!

300 Coins

Follow us on Instagram.

Follow us on Instagram through the Coins Menu. Make sure you're logged in to your Coins account first!

500 Coins

Share our page on Facebook.

Share our page on Facebook through the Coins Menu. Make sure you're logged in to your Coins account first!

500 Coins

Tag us in your IG story.

Take a photo of your order and tag @eatlowbrow on your Instagram story.

700 Coins

Write a product review.

Write an honest, detailed, and specific review of any product in our shop. View our Review Guidelines.

700 Coins

Write a Facebook review.

Write an honest, detailed, and specific review for Lowbrow in our Facebook page. View our Review Guidelines.

Bonus Coins

Make great content.

Create stunning content (great photos, videos, and illustrations) of any of our products/brands and get extra coins courtesy of our team.

How do I claim rewards with my coins?

  1. Go to the Coins Menu. Visit our shop and click on the blue icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Log in to your account. Or create an account if you haven't.

  3. Click on “Ways to Redeem” in the Coins Menu. Click on the blue icon to access the Lowbrow Coins Menu. The rewards will be listed there under "Ways to Redeem."
  4. Choose your reward. View and Redeem your chosen reward to unlock a unique discount code.

  5. Apply your reward discount code upon checkout. Make sure to add the reward item to your cart before checking out and applying your discount code! The discount only works when the correct item is added to your cart.
  6. Enjoy your reward!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I earn and redeem coins if I dine-in at a store?
    Coins can only be earned and redeemed through our online shop, not for dine-in.

  2. Do I still earn coins if I buy promotional items?
    Nope. Coins gain will be disabled when adding promotional or discounted items to your cart.

  3. Can I return my reward in exchange for coins if I change my mind?
    Once points are spent, it cannot be undone. Choose your rewards wisely!

  4. Can I use discounts redeemed through coins on any item in the shop?
    Discounts redeemed through coins only work with regular-priced items. Promo items are excluded.

  5. What happens if I get a refund?
    Refunds will automatically remove coins from your account.

  6. I’ve purchased from the shop before but I didn’t know about Coins then. Can I have my previous orders credited to my account?
    If you’ve already purchased something from our shop before but only made an account now, you can send us a message so we can manually credit the points earned from your previous order/s into your account.

Review Guidelines

To redeem coins, reviews on any platform must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Specific (Date, place, occasion, people, context, etc.)
  • Honest (Points out good and bad parts in a human tone)
  • Constructive (Written to be helpful to other people)

We will not award coins for bot-like, one-liner, performative reviews such as "Yum" since these do not help people. Reviews should be written to help others make better decisions with their food.

Once you've written your review, please send us a message so we can give you the coins. 😄

Any questions about Lowbrow Coins?

Suggestions for rewards are welcome, too.

send us a message